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Personal training.
To get you to your goals faster.


Abramo offers a holistic approach to personal training, combining fitness & nutrition – and it's all  right at the heart of central London.

Weight loss

Hitting your weight goals is so tough on your own, and that's where having a personal trainer really helps to keep you on track and motivated.


Abramo will create fat-burning workouts to trim that spread across your stomach, buttocks and thighs and can also create custom meal plans to help you burn fat while remaining in peak mental condition too. 



Often, we see fitness simply as getting to the gym and working out. However, nutrition is at least as important as being active in terms of your overall health.


Abramo is currently studying for a bachelor's degree in applied nutrition at the London Metropolitan University. He combines nutritional insight with his background in cooking to offer you meal plans that are as healthy as they are irresistible.


Muscle building

There are huge benefits to strength training, whether that's improving your posture, building your physique or simply helping to bulletproof your body as you get older.


Finally, building muscle is a secret weapon to accelerate weight loss!

In fact, you 100% should be incorporating strength training into your routine and you'll feel positive effects in every area of your life.


As a personal trainer, Abramo has years of experience in circuit training, cross-fit, weightlifting , kettle bells and Olympic weightlifting.



Don't be fooled by how it looks in the photos, pilates is one of the best ways to develop core strength and develop functional strength across the entire body – and there's nothing quite like that pilates burn!

Abramo is passionate about the pilates method and, having qualified as a pilates instructor in 2018, he has built up hundreds of hours of teaching experience leading group classes and guiding clients in 1:1 classes at the Gym Group in central London.


Whether you're a complete beginner or are more experienced and looking for a fresh approach, Abramo can help you find magic on the mat.

Healthy breakfast with fried egg and salad
Fitness trainer doing a kettlebell workout
A group pilates class using reformer pilates units

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